"Silmissä vilisee,
se on kuin television lumisade, mutta vain hitaampaa
alati jatkuvaa ilman lähetystä
olkoon nämä henkiolennot seuranani ja johdattajinani
kohti uutta elämääni
voin lähteä taas kulkemaan."

life is a tragedy

Darkspace - Dark 4.18


Webcam stuff and sad things

I'm quite broken. My grandma died at christmas and my mum is broken and that makes me also broken, though I was first broken before all these things happened. Hard times, hard times. :( I also feel like I want to die, but I know that feeling probably goes away. I just need to keep my head up and not fall into a bigger feeling of depression. Drawing and making music helps a lot and seeing friends. 
Thank you.